The Manufacturing Division of Bradford Area High School

Founded in 2022, Parkway Industrial started as little more than an idea and some high school machine shop equipment.  Since that time, this student-run program has been growing and providing local manufacturers with design and machine shop services.  We strive to provide value to our customers’ business operations by providing parts and services with a focus on cost-effective high-quality manufacturing.  We have produced parts for companies with as few as eight full time employees – all the way up to our largest business customer with more than 500 employees. We are passionate about what we do, and we are ready to help your company with its design and machining needs.

A Student-Run Company - The Future of Manufacturing

Why Choose Parkway?


Precision CNC machining is at the heart of our operations. We have the equipment and personnel to make your parts.


We use world-class design software and 3-D printing to design and prototype your components.

Quality Control

Our Zeiss CMM machine and other measurement tools help ensure your parts are all within your specifications.

Precision, Reliability, Value, Customer Service


How can we help your business succeed?

Here at Parkway Industrial, we love machining parts.  Whether you’re looking for someone to machine your components because you don’t have the equipment or because you choose to focus your machining and talent on other parts of your overall production, we are here to help you reach your manufacturing goals.

With world-class design software and the mills and lathes needed to create precision components, Parkway Industrial is capable of producing just about anything you might need to help your business succeed. We are a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for precision manufacturing in our region.

We specialize in small to medium sized orders – from 30 to 300 pieces – and we thrive on helping our customers solve their manufacturing problems. 

By choosing Parkway Industrial, you are not only helping your business with its immediate needs, you are also helping to contribute to the future of manufacturing and helping create future talent for all aspects of the regional manufacturing workforce.  Continue reading through our site to learn more, or reach out to us with the contact information provided here on these pages.


We are ready to help you

If you have a need for machining services, or if you just want to know more about how we can help your business reach its goals, we're just an email or a phone call away.